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23 Production

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Just a question for all of us trying to purchase a $100,000 Dodge for 2023. Since it is the final 6 to 8 months of the Challenger why would you build the lower profit base models in any significant numbers. Why not take all orders for the highest profit cars build those first and then build the lower profit cars at the end.
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$pecial Edition$!
It looks like I will have to (should) bow to the side and let the heavy hitters buy up all the 2023s lol. It would take a lot of the fun upgrading at the prices these things will command. Ah, but if money didn't matter!
What we really all should do it boycott all 23 HC's and let them all sit on lots for 6-9mo. Then we might see some Super Power Dollar discounts! :ROFLMAO:
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