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3.0 Whipples IN STOCK - High Horse Performance

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Just got a shipment of Whipples in. We've already sold a handful of these kits but have plenty left while they last! Get them at Whipple Superchargers Products - High Horse Performance, Inc.
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This is on my list...IF I can get a Super Stock. I would like the 3.0, but need to do more research into what has to go into the engine, how it will affect other systems, and not least of all, the price of the car.

Also...whats with the DIrect Connection stuff? (Don't have on me, I got into Mopar in 19, been a long time Ford guy...and a Boeing tech lol. I know 460s and Pratt and Whitneys)

So, is this the modification that is done at the dealer? Similar to the convertible? Contractor that basically does it for Mopar? Sorry if its a dumb question.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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