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3.0 Whipples IN STOCK - High Horse Performance

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Just got a shipment of Whipples in. We've already sold a handful of these kits but have plenty left while they last! Get them at Whipple Superchargers Products - High Horse Performance, Inc.
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Oh. I thought it was more of a "slap it on and use a canned tune" sort of thing, but with LOTS of overhead to support future modifications.
We can normally keep them at a safe level and just go through some more simple fuel system upgrades between injectors and dual fuel pumps for non-Redeye vehicles. Easy to put a whipple on a bone stock hellcat safely and be under $20k :cool:(y)

If you're looking to push things further, here's one turned up a bit:
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Yeah, just a bit😳. I’d love to hear the details on the build, specifically rear suspension and tires. Please DM if it’s more appropriate.
Here are some links :cool:

Rear tires:

For a DOT tire in that size:

Then as much as we've tried to bottle it and sell it, we haven't been able to capture the essence of "Driver Mod" to offer that as a product :ROFLMAO:
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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