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Hello all,
Deciding to get diff with 3.09 gears for my 2020 HC, narrow body.
Mods are cat back exhaust, LMI intake, diff brace, one piece DS, 180 thermo and will be tuned remotely by OST dyno.
Also running 305 Nitto 555R2 tires on PK HR5 20x11 wheels in back.
No other mods planned.
Looking at diffs I find two:
68427796AA which I believe are for Scat Pack cars (approx $900.00) and
68427799AA which I believe are for HCs etc (approx$1,400.00).

My question is, with my mods can I get away with the 96AA diff or do I need the 99AA diff?
About a $600+ difference.
Thanks for your time,

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There isn't a reason to NEED the 3.09 over the 2.62. The only major difference is like a .2-.3 in a 1/4 mile but you lose top end speed (not that most care).

You can build the car perfectly fine on the 2.62...

However, you want the 99AA.

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Never seen a stock powered 3.09 cat out run my stock 2.62 geared cat.
Same day same track.

As for the original question you should be fine with the Scat Pack diff. People used them long before the Demon/Redeye diff was available. Especially with your mod list.
Just my opinion.

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I bought a new 3 09 for my 2020 RENB. I have 305 20 ps4s on it now with 10.5 wheels. I’m thinking about MT ET..3 15.. any thoughts would be appreciated I only drive the car on sunny dry days. 250 miles on it in the last 3 months. I have 1450 miles on the car
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