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Hey all, I have read numerous posts on various tires and wheel combinations, and I wanted to make a thread that talks specifically to a tire and wheel combination that has worked well for me and my driving style. I am not a drag racer anymore and now just enjoy doing weekend cruises with short bursts. I love this car. Anyway, I wanted to go staggered with no changes up front but wanted to add some meat with no mods and no spacers.

If any of you want to do the same and stick with an all season Pirelli that is very close to the Nero up front, I recommend the 305/35ZR-20 P Zero all season XL. Its a solid tire and makes the car handle well.
I have no regrets with them. I have no vibrations or swaying at any speed. Took a blast up to 125 and it feels the same as before. Just ensure you use a mounting shop with a road force (hunter) balancer. My local Mr. Tire has one.

As with many of you, I went with a replica Hellcat 2, 20x10.5, +25 offset=6.75 backspace from VOXX (Discount Tire) to match the front. The OEM lugs will not work (wheel lug hole is too narrow) so I got a white night set from my local AutoZone. They fit well and look good in my opinion.

I hope some of you find this useful.

tire 3.png
tire 4.jpg
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