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Hello Guys, need to see what you guys think, whats happening with my car, here are my mods.
Mid 800hp
Upper 2.75.
Pinned crank.
1050cc injectors
Proflex Commander. flex fuel tune for accommodation.
Running at 16psi boost.

This was all done 4-5 months with many many trips on correcting the tune, rough idles, very rough start-ups e.t.c generally not super happy with how the tune process went, but now it all rides ok 馃憣.
When at WOT on 3rd gear, around 4k rpm car just chokes abruptly and it doesn't accelerate, like it misfires idk and that happens on the 3rd gear ONLY, maybe because that is its peak HP and torque not sure, but check engine flashes few times, then its shuts off, the feel how the car acted is like there is not enough fuel going in or something.
I have explained that to the shop who did all the upgrades and tunes, he says: its stock spark plugs, they have to be replaced because of E85 and 30% increase in fuel and it needs to be upgraded, to keep up with higher boost e.t.c
Has anyone experienced this???
I have read alot of guys in forum keeping their stock plugs with even more hp, if I do replace the plugs I want to make sure its the plugs and not something else, what are your guys experience and what do you guys think, is it the spark plugs???
I would greatly appreciate your input.

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E85 requires 30% more fuel delivery than gasoline based fuels. sounds like you need more injector an or dual pump system.
get your tuner or someone to data log when problem happens to confirm your fuel delivery info.
if in fact your car does misfire you should be getting a P0300 random misfire code or P0301-P0308 depending on which cylinder.

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@oilburner is right.
I have not seen an e-85 build without bigger injectors

I'm not sure about which injectors but I think they would need changed out also.

Joshua Schwartz does e-85 Builds and Tunes only in house so he has the Knowledge and Experience.
I would give HHP sales a call and ask them about the parts they sell for E-85 and they can help you with what may need to be added.
With your list it looks to me that you are being an R&D customer and without the right parts your Engine or Trans can Blow up.
Today there are many Shops and Tuners that have known packages.

Also, sign up on HHP's website to be a VIP Member. Look for the little box down on the bottom left.
They are having a memorial day sale.

Interested in a performance packager for your Gen 3 HEMI?
Contact us!
[email protected]

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Sale info 馃槑
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