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(4) 315/35ZR20 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

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I am selling (4) 315/35ZR20 Michelin Pilot Super Sports (K1) tires.

The tires were on Velgen Wheels that came with my Trackhawk. I decided to go back to OEM size tires (295/45/20) so I no longer need these.

They are in good shape, no holes, patches or any issues and still have decent tread.

These tires are for PICK UP ONLY - Evansville, WI 53536.

Tire Rack is currently selling these tires at $493.88 a piece.

EDIT: Price Drop: $500 for all (4) tires.


The tires were originally mounted on Vegen Wheels:
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How many miles on them?
I contacted the previous owner and he said he put about 4K miles on them. I probably added another 3K-4K miles on them. So approx. 7K-8K miles total.

I went and purchased a tread depth gauge and they all came out around 6/32's:

Per Tire Rack a new 315/35ZR20 MPSS K1 has 7/32 tread depth.

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PRICE DROP: $500 takes all 4 tires. Come and get these.
Take one of these to UPS and/or FedEx and get a quote to just slap a label on the bare tire and ship it to my local Fedex or UPS hub here in Conway Arkansas for will call pickup. I bet we can get this done.

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Can you set up a pickup from my residence with a shipping company?

I sold a set of wheels/tires a couple years ago and the buyer set up a pickup right from my residence. I cannot remember what shipping company he used, but it made things very easy. A truck showed up, the driver loaded up the wheels/tires and away they went.

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I’m sure I can setup a ups pickup. Let me go by my UPS tomorrow or Friday and I’ll PM ya

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Open to shipping if I sent you the shipping labels?

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PM sent.

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