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4 piston Super Stock style brake conversion parts for '21 RE's

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NOTE: The knuckles are sold. Rather than create unneeded confusion I'll let this thread go and start another one with just the calipers and rotors listed.

I have everything needed to remove the large '21 RE brake rotors and replace with the same brakes that a '20 SS comes stock with. I bought this stuff for the '21 REWB that I owned earlier in the year. The pieces were bought new from Steve White, installed on the car and driven maybe a couple hundred miles. I then decided to sell the car(for good money, Thanks and ordered a Super Stock. I removed these items before selling the car.
Included is everything needed to put the SS brakes on a Redeye. This will allow use of pretty much any 17" or 18" front skinny for drag racing.
Parts included are: Red calipers, brake rotors, knuckles, brake pads and miscellaneous small hardware.
NOTE: At the time I ordered these parts there were only two calipers in the system. When they arrived they had some paint chipping on both of them. Since they were the only ones available I took them anyway. They are functionally as good as new but DO HAVE SOME COSMETIC IMPERFECTIONS. I do not want any misunderstandings regarding this.
Also, I am told that the Torred spot paint pen works well for covering chips on the red calipers. I did not try this because the chips really didn't bother me much.
I paid over $2400 for this stuff. I'll take $1500 for it all, you pay for shipping and any CC fees that might apply.

Paint chips:
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Would you sell just the knuckles?
Yes. This is the same size setup as the Demon.
It sounds like he needs the brakes and I need the knuckles 😁
Well I'm definitely down to buy the knuckles if @ChillxPoint wants the brakes!
So thats the size of my brakes currently. You are 100 percent sure this will fit?
Yes those rotors/calipers will fit your car. Your car has those same knuckles he is selling so you wouldn't need those.
@ChillxPoint I sent you a PM to discuss.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts