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Hello all,

I'm selling an AC compressor for just about every Charger and Challenger 2015+. This was originally purchased for my 16 Charger HC as a spare when my compressor went out. As I had the Killer Chiller and no factory intercooler, having to wait nearly a week for a new one was tough, so i ordered a spare just to be safe. Now that I don't have the car anymore, it's time to get rid of it.

These go for a sale price of $721 from Steve White (2014-2022 Mopar Air Conditioning Compressor 68158259AF | Steve White Parts). I'll let it go for $450. I'm located in San Antonio, TX, but will do shipping at buyers expense. I'll be using something better than the paper that they wrapped it in when shipping.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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