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4UQ sales code..$125

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Got a new POC today with my vin # and what a shock….

Dodge added the above sales code that has an MSRP of $0 yet shows in the invoice column as $125.

Anyone know what this is for or is it just dodge finding another way to raise the price?
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My dealer said it was an advertising fee added to all invoices, pays for a portion of their overhead.
you should be able to convince them to remove it but, how much us your time worth on an $85K purchase?
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Oh very little. And I won’t make too much of a fuss. But that’s shady AF. Agreed on price, deal sheet signed, and what about price protection? It’s something that should be disclosed upfront.

I mean at what point would you draw the line? $250, $500, $1000?
wait until your agreed to dollar price ends up a couple grand lower than employee pricing because of Mr Potato Head’s resultant economic policies and the dealer gives you two options, buy it at 4% under what the invoice is (as opposed to what the estimate was) or, leave it.

what’s the definition of runaway inflation again? 🤔
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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