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4UQ sales code..$125

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Got a new POC today with my vin # and what a shock….

Dodge added the above sales code that has an MSRP of $0 yet shows in the invoice column as $125.

Anyone know what this is for or is it just dodge finding another way to raise the price?
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That 4UQ goes back to at least 2008 and has shown as Warranty Adjustment or Warranty Reimbursement. Not exactly sure what that means.

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I don’t remember it being on my 2019.

Wish we could get a definite answer.

No, it's definitely not on most build sheets, that's why I'm not exactly sure why it only appears on some.

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It was not on my original POS. It is now added, don't like it because I am paying invoice and that's the only section that it shows up on.
Guess you're also paying an extra 4% on the gas guzzler tax and also for the extra 8 gallons of fuel, normally only the dealer is charged for this.

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