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Hey all,
Was recently at my local dealer to get an oil change, and they still have 5 hellcats, 1 charger and 4 challengers, sitting out front. It was somewhat satisfying, seeing as i tried to buy my hellcat from them last year, but they would not budge on their dealer markup. Now they cant get rid of them (Sweet, sweet justice...)! Anyway, talked to the manager and salesman, they are really trying to get rid of them and he told me that they are selling them for invoice, if not for even less than that i was told. I have attached pictures of the cars and build sheets. The dealership is:

Riverfront CJDR Located in North Aurora, IL. Call (630) 907-1700 and Ask for Vinny. He is the salesman that I have worked with and seems to be a decent human being. Tell them that you were informed by Jordan on the hellcat forums and they should know. Hope all these cats find good homes!

P.S. I believe the Red hellcat that is being detailed by the kid is sold but I am not certain of that.


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