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500 mile oil filter dissection

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I dissected my oil filter tonight. Changed the oil and filter yesterday at exactly the 500 mile mark.

I put a white paper towel in my oil drain and noted no metal flake or other crud looking with a bright flashlight.

I'm happy to report that the innards of my oil filter are extremely boring. Nothing at all to report. The media had no visible metal or other crud.

I'm going to send a sample of the oil off for analysis but I think (hoping) it will be rather boring with nothing but normal break-in wear.

Nothing to note in the paper from the engine oil drain...

Oil filter dissection

The fuzzy looking stuff is nothing more than the paper fiber from the filter media
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Very nice
I'll be happy if I can just drive my car and people stay the hell away from it.

Yesterday while on a long two lane entrance ramp a Volkswagen two cars ahead of me switched from the left lane to the right lane. I thought it was odd (figured person might not be familiar with this ramp so I kept an eye on him) because in about 700 feet that lane ends and you have to merge left anyway. There was plenty of room so I just passed on by minding my own business. On my way by I realized why the dill weed moved over. He saw my car in his rearview mirror and he was hanging out the window taking pictures while I went by (the DRIVER). The dude almost drove off the on ramp into a ditch at 60+ MPH. I mean really? People need to learn to DRIVE first. Nothing you see is that interesting that you should be potentially causing an accident.

I love my car but I do feel like a hooker on a street corner lately. Freaking everybody is staring, pointing etc. etc. It's really odd and uncomfortable at times.
So you give BJ's?:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::DLMAO
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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