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Yikes! I have a TRX Hellcat order in with them and this has me worried. I read about the slimy financing tactic where they require you to run your credit from TRX forum when you come to pickup (even if you have a check!?). Some other reports mention a good experience if you are aware of these things before hand. Glad to read reports like this so I wouldn't be caught off guard after driving 6-7 hours to play games :poop:. I only picked them because of location but on second thought I should have went with Cummings in KY.

So far, they have been extremely responsive with updates and any questions I have. From TRX forum, I think they are attempting to clean up their image a bit and not be so pushy/slimy. Nonetheless, I will report back on forums my experience (there is an ongoing thread on TRX forum to capture feedback). Wish me luck!
I will tell you my experience last fall with them We had ordered a 2022 Scat Pack, got on paper a decent deal, said financing with them wasn't required etc.

Car comes in, as they are getting it ready I told them I wanted them to give me their rate details so I could shop it with my credit union. So I finally get them to run the rates, comes back 3 percent higher then my credit union. I said ok, I need XYZ to give to my credit union and will be down with a certified check from the CU. Nope. They said they had never dealt with the credit union and refused to use them. So I asked about another bank I use. Nope same thing, never heard of them don't trust them.

Basically we went back and forth for 2 weeks and the only way they would agree to let me take the car was if I financed through them. So we walked, and they sat on that car for 3 months before they finally sold it.
1 - 1 of 43 Posts