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6.2L coilcover differences

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Can anyone tell me what is the difference in a 2015-2018 vs 2019 Coilcovers. I just purchased a beautiful set of CF dipped covers off a 18 Demon and now see the 2019 Chargers are different pn

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Its that new plumbing and valve mounted on the shock tower that is unique to 19+ Chargers pictured above
It's not unique to Chargers...also occurs on newer Challengers
So what exactly is that new device, sure it has to do with venting the crankcase. Blow by fix?
I believe it's part of the refrigerant system for the power chiller
its piped to the intake tube and valve cover?
my bad...the solenoid is down beside the strut tower not on top of it. I think that is related to the PCV system.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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