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69 Coronet owners please. Need advice. Electrical.

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Turns signal lights but will not flash. Unable to find where to install the replacement flasher. Advice appreciated.
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Replacement looks like this. Found the 4 way but not the separate TS Flasher.
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Can you find the socket on the harness? Someone took the flasher out? My coronet is 180mi from me atm unfortunately
Unable to locate socket. Problem started abruptly on trip to Los Angeles. On the road, not a result of work done. Probably original flasher in there. Thanks.
All four corners light and are bright, just no flash.
But if you do left signal do only lefts come on and stay on?
Yes, the Bullhead connector has been a source of heartache over the years. It was recently gone through/sorted due to an intermittent engine shut off problem.
Not sure will check. But, they have worked properly since the 80’s. The TS’s have.
Just a thought, I had a 68 Satellite with elect probs, traced it to a bad ammeter.
Disconnected. Known to be common source for fire. Thanks.
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