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Nice. You'd only be loosing 1.5-2 psi vs the 10% and the ease of installation is a huge plus. BUT...Here's the thing. It's much easier and cheaper to just pin the stock crank pulley and get as much boost as your fueling and engine can handle by going with a smaller upper.

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I guess this pulley is in response to the Incognito that came out Nov '19.
The difference is this is actually a harmonic balancer and not just a sleeve.
So basically getting a 10% lower and a belt plus the tuning.
The gains will be much more.
The cost difference will offset some of tuning costs.
The installation will be almost the same except for a little grinding.

I had tried the other sleeve. While a friend has had good results, my car did not like it at all.
So a tune is required anyways in my case.
So I have a 10% ATI to go on the car shortly.
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