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8 speed shifter hardware part numbers needed

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These shifters are in multiple vehicles but will start here.

Installing an 8 speed in an '09 SRT and all the 8 speed shifter diagrams I have found so far for '15 and up appear to be somewhat incorrect.

The 8 speed shifter itself has a flat bottom as opposed to a Nag1 shifter, and the plate #10 (68232265AB) appears to be for a Nag1 shifter because the Nag shifter would work with it. No flat mounting surface, plus the 8 speed shifter is more compact and would need to be raised an inch or better. So, there must be something that is supposed to go in-between the #10 plate and 8 speed shifter that will also hold the release lever.

I could make something if I had to, but really would rather have the correct parts for this. Because I will use the '09 console I won't be able to get around making a plate to replace #3

If anyone works at the plant or engineering who has access to the correct diagram and part numbers for what is used in assembly I would appreciate it.
I would think 8 speed Challenger Hellcat or 392 or RT hardware would be the same.

For those wondering how the 8 speed can possibly work with an older data bus, I know that question is coming, I am using a bus translator so we will see what happens....

This is the somewhat incorrect 8 speed shifter diagram I have found on every Mopar parts site so far.

Thank you for any ideas.

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I have all the parts shown except for #3 BTW, it is just that some of it does not go together.
I found out that the 8 speed shifter bolts to the console on the newer cars as opposed to the Nag1 shifter which bolts to the tunnel bracket in the older cars, so i will have to make something to accomodate the new shifter and using the older console. No big deal.
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