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9 Seconds in a M6

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What mods are you guys doing to your M6 to get down to 9 second range? I'm at around 850 whp now, but soon to be running on E85. With the E85, I expect to be mid to upper 900's at the wheels.

Transzilla? Tick Performance? Which gear setup are you using on 1st through 3rd?

I have a carbon fiber drive shaft, 1400hp axles, rear differential brace with stock rear end ratio. Upgraded clutch to 1000 hp double disc.
For tires, 17 x 10 bead locks with MT ET/r 305/45/17 with skinny front runners.

Any other input would be MUCH appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks 16GoManGoHC. For suspension upgrades, what all needs to happen there?
What is the 266 9310 unit? I assume 266 is the first gear ratio, but not sure on the 9310 unit. Google says that's the main shaft?
Any other M6 HC’s out there running in the 9’s? Any and all input is appreciated.
The guys that have 1000 whp in a Hellcat M6 - What are you guys doing with that power? Roll racing?
What are the options if you keep breaking the Tremecs?
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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