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9 Seconds in a M6

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What mods are you guys doing to your M6 to get down to 9 second range? I'm at around 850 whp now, but soon to be running on E85. With the E85, I expect to be mid to upper 900's at the wheels.

Transzilla? Tick Performance? Which gear setup are you using on 1st through 3rd?

I have a carbon fiber drive shaft, 1400hp axles, rear differential brace with stock rear end ratio. Upgraded clutch to 1000 hp double disc.
For tires, 17 x 10 bead locks with MT ET/r 305/45/17 with skinny front runners.

Any other input would be MUCH appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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The guys that have 1000 whp in a Hellcat M6 - What are you guys doing with that power? Roll racing?
Busting Tremecs... :)
(I've already gone through two with just stock power)
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What are the options if you keep breaking the Tremecs?
So far I have in my notes these options:
  • tranzilla tremec rebuild (lots of reports of people breaking these still)
  • G-Force rebuild -- up to 1000 ft-lb
  • G-Force with dog gears on 1-4, new product coming out in 2022
  • PPG sequential ($$$, but very stout)
  • Lenco/Jeffco/Rossler - if you're seriously into just drag racing--pretty much unbreakable

here's a prior thread on the topic
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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