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9 Seconds in a M6

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What mods are you guys doing to your M6 to get down to 9 second range? I'm at around 850 whp now, but soon to be running on E85. With the E85, I expect to be mid to upper 900's at the wheels.

Transzilla? Tick Performance? Which gear setup are you using on 1st through 3rd?

I have a carbon fiber drive shaft, 1400hp axles, rear differential brace with stock rear end ratio. Upgraded clutch to 1000 hp double disc.
For tires, 17 x 10 bead locks with MT ET/r 305/45/17 with skinny front runners.

Any other input would be MUCH appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Getting above 950 wheel on stock 378 cubes without a bigger cam and ported heads probably isn’t going to happen unless you exceed 24-25 psi of boost which is gonna take a pretty decent piston and bottom end combination. But it doesn’t take 950+ wheel to get into the nines but it will take suspension work and hooking up 850 will do it. I ran a nine second pass only one time, 9.998 at 134 and that was around 850 wheel with a 298 210 143 1.00 Tranzilla (which I’ve since busted) and only one time, on a 315 50 17 inch MT StreetR and superb track prep, it was all made in the first 330 feet of the track. I’m just shy of 950 wheel now at a little bit over 21 psi of boost and I have a different ratio transmission now because I broke my 298 and went with a 266 9310 unit because I see more street duty than track duty but I plan on hitting the track again this spring and hopefully get a few more nine second passes in and at least one on video this time. But my real intention anymore is roll racing because quarter mile racing with a stick is just bust this bust that bust that again and constantly working on the car and it gets tiring after a while in more ways than one. It took a lot to get where this car is at in the video below.

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Thanks 16GoManGoHC. For suspension upgrades, what all needs to happen there?
What is the 266 9310 unit? I assume 266 is the first gear ratio, but not sure on the 9310 unit. Google says that's the main shaft?
9310 is the material all the gears are made from, the 2.98 units are 4340 steel.

60-130 times are decent, always between 5.80 and 6.0, VERY consistent for a stick car
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The guys that have 1000 whp in a Hellcat M6 - What are you guys doing with that power? Roll racing?
Having fun!!!
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