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A Fake Hellcat

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Ive wanted a Hellcat since before I seen it. I ended up driving almost 7000 miles to California in March 2014 because there was just a possibility of it being shown.

As we all know, Hellcats are difficult to get a hold of for sticker. I couldnt justify spending $10,000-$20,000+ OVER sticker price to get one... nor did i have faith in any dealer who would promise to order me one for sticker if i left a deposit.

So I bought a 2015 SRT for $3000 UNDER sticker.

All that being said, I still love the looks and performance of the Hellcat. So in addition to already lowering my car and adding the hellcat air box, i plan on installing the hellcat hood and bumper soon. In fact, the hood is getting delivered tomorrow and the bumper on thursday.

Once the details get worked out I will be installing some forged internals to the 392 and then adding a supercharger to get the HP in the area it should be.

So instead of paying 70-75,000+ for a marked up Hellcat... if i get my power increase for somewhere around $10,000 then that means i will have about $58,000 in my hellcat clone.

That's a big chunk of change in the difference to a guy on military disabily payments lol

I plan on incorporating as much hellcat items as i can... oil coolers, ect... but still figure to be in for cost much much cheaper than had i bought a hellcat.

I know, there will always be that "no, its not a hellcat" answer when people ask me about it... but that's something i can live with for saving almost $20,000 plus financing costs. Maybe one day I will trade it in for a real one.. or even buy the crate engine... but for now... I love THIS car.

I dont ever plan on sticking a hellcat logo on it anywhere or even a supercharged badge... and wont lie to people for what it is... because what it is now and will be is simply an awesome frikin car!
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If you got a great deal on the srt,, you could drive it until you find a hellcat,, then trade it in..there are cars or there to be me..I have found a few for people looking
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