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A Fake Hellcat

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Ive wanted a Hellcat since before I seen it. I ended up driving almost 7000 miles to California in March 2014 because there was just a possibility of it being shown.

As we all know, Hellcats are difficult to get a hold of for sticker. I couldnt justify spending $10,000-$20,000+ OVER sticker price to get one... nor did i have faith in any dealer who would promise to order me one for sticker if i left a deposit.

So I bought a 2015 SRT for $3000 UNDER sticker.

All that being said, I still love the looks and performance of the Hellcat. So in addition to already lowering my car and adding the hellcat air box, i plan on installing the hellcat hood and bumper soon. In fact, the hood is getting delivered tomorrow and the bumper on thursday.

Once the details get worked out I will be installing some forged internals to the 392 and then adding a supercharger to get the HP in the area it should be.

So instead of paying 70-75,000+ for a marked up Hellcat... if i get my power increase for somewhere around $10,000 then that means i will have about $58,000 in my hellcat clone.

That's a big chunk of change in the difference to a guy on military disabily payments lol

I plan on incorporating as much hellcat items as i can... oil coolers, ect... but still figure to be in for cost much much cheaper than had i bought a hellcat.

I know, there will always be that "no, its not a hellcat" answer when people ask me about it... but that's something i can live with for saving almost $20,000 plus financing costs. Maybe one day I will trade it in for a real one.. or even buy the crate engine... but for now... I love THIS car.

I dont ever plan on sticking a hellcat logo on it anywhere or even a supercharged badge... and wont lie to people for what it is... because what it is now and will be is simply an awesome frikin car!
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problem is when you resell it you wont get that extra $15k you stuck into it and it will also depreciate much quicker.....ill be the first to rain on your parade.....for $8k more you would have eventually gotten your HC....and not a 10 years the difference in value between cars will be greater than that $8 you saved now...

i feel bad about your story.....i am an impatient person i get why you jumped in now instead of waiting....i hope your perfect HC doesnt show up here for msrp this week and you could have gotten it (thats my luck, probably not yours)
im glad your enjoying your new SRT........its easy for me to tell people to wait when i didnt...i got lucky and got mine quickly for msrp.....if i had to wait in line id be going crazy right now too...

just hope you dont end up selling it next year and buying a HC when they are more available......i can see some 2015 392 guys doing this in a year
yeah, ive told myself this a few times.

i got my srt for 48 (3k off sticker)... and if could have found a hellcat for 60... or 63.... or 65... then i might have done that, But I couldnt find one on a lot. And was traumatized by all the dealers taking cash from people and not delivering cars...

I get what you guys are saying, i really love the HC... any maybe a few years from now I will get one... but in the mean time I will play with this.
see your already thinking about it

my brother bought a 6 cylinder chrysler 300...wouldnt even test drive the 5.7...i begged him.....4 months later and he wished he had bought the 5.7 and was buying cold air intakes and all the extra power goodies for his 6 cylinder.

in the past ive known tons of guys who bought SE's only to sell in 1 year for a RT.....and thats after they put tons of extra $$ into their SE's to make them takes about 1 year to realize it all.......but in the mean time you had a bad ass car......ill still give you a congratulations!
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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