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A good back tire

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Which is a good slick to use I have a factory 2017 20inch rim just want some good everyday slicks to put on. Any good tire men here?
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Mickey 3402 but I do not believe they are available at the moment
I suggested a 3402 thinking the hellcat came with a 10 or 10.5” wheel

3401 if yers came w 9’s out back

Stay away from nitto. Mickey works better : )
Lol. I was like wow really so appreciate the clarification : )
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So the standard size 305 tire is worse?
The rim is only 9.5 wide so 3401 (“275”) will sit flatter at the same pressure than a 305 would

Ya don’t wanna squeeze the tire on the rim, Mickey’s work better the other way around. Work best w the dimension between the bead wider than the tread.Even the 3401 has more than 9,5 tread

And no one makes a ‘slick’ for a 20” wheel
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What does your RE 60 on that tire?
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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