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A Hands Down Best Review Video!

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what more can I say... except FULL SCREEN and PUMP UP THE VOLUME!!!!

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This video is the best review I have seen so far.
Love this video too
Did anyone catch the RWP??? 669 RWHP according to the UTI Chassis dyno. Now,,take the standard driveline loss,(parasitic power loss thru friction,flex,heat,,ect), and multiply that to most Tuning facilities chassis dynos which is around 15% loss thru the driveline and you get 776 HP!!!! Holy Frijoles!! LOL Yes,,great video! Yes,, a Feral, Hungry Beast! lol
This is the one with with Justin Bell.... it's my favorite Hellcat video by far!!!

Who tosses a 4500lb car around track like!

I have to agree with several of you in that this was the best review video I have seen on the HellCat. There was only one thing I did not like about it ... was anyone else annoyed by the horrible subtitle misspellings? I mean, damn! One of my pet peeves! :mad:

21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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