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A Question About Going to a Smaller Pulley

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Will a smaller pulley change the sound (whine) of our superchargers?
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Thanks. I don't have any experience modding cars, but I'm interested in the new Mopar Staged Performance Kits that Dodge is putting out. Stage II, and presumably Stage III, for the Redeye includes a smaller pully, air filter, 180 degree thermostat, and tune--and nothing else. So I was wondering if it would change the supercharger whine. When I searched on YouTube, I couldn't find an example of someone with just a pulley and tune. By the time people swap the pulley they have usually already done cold air intake, headers, and mid-muffler delete. The mid-muffler delete in particular makes it very difficult to hear the supercharger. Anyway... Thanks again!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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