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aar side strope

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rider graphics....AAr side strobe...choice B or C?

they say C is closest to the original, but im thinking B may be better since the new models are much worried going with the 1970 C version may look too small on a larger body 2015

anyone have any experience on which to choose?

can anyone find photo's or each installed on a 2008-2015?
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anyone buy their hood wrap?
anyone buy their hood wrap?
I assume you are referring to the Rider Graphix hood wrap. So far, I have not purchased but likely will unless some good solution to the Black Satin paint problem comes about. I have the rest of the winter to make that decision.
Here are SRT style stripes got from Rider back in 2010 for my RT, very good to deal with and excellent quality.
I will buy from then again when HC arrives

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Are the graphics removable in the future if you want to make the car stock again?
Are the graphics removable in the future if you want to make the car stock again?
Yes, the vinyl graphics are fairly easily removed using low heat with a hair dryer. In the case of the Strobe Stripe, I have often wondered if it might look like a "Ghost Stripe" due to natural fading of the surrounding paint after several years when the vinyl is removed. That may prove to be an interesting effect on its own. Kind of like having to wait 12 or 18 years for Scotch Whiskey (or Bourbon, etc.) to age!
i am expecting it to leave a fade mark....thats why i chose the strobe over the TA Challenger side stripe....i feel in 10+ years when it looks like crap i will replace it....and im assuming the new one wont match exactly....the busyness of the strobe im hoping will hide the mis match of the stripe....while the large block TA will show the mark more....

15-20 years a repaint will be needed anyways
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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