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I have a set of the Khaos Motorsports Active Exhaust Delete Plates.
Used for only a few months on my prior Widebody Charger Scat Pack and then my regular body Charger Scat Pack.

Clean & in great shape still!
These bolt right on and leave the valves open all the time. A simple, clean look too.

I'm including everything they included, plus some extra washers I used and different head allen screws.



E159FDB9-FF59-4D41-AEB3-F25520201388 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

28210DF6-5F15-47EC-9E3C-79FEC7B4943B by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

22415ECC-42DF-4A5A-8D6D-B5D9B06ACA63 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

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Wow! Those are a lot nicer than the M-Fer plates that I am using. At that price, they are a steal. Good luck with the sale.

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I'll take the KHAOS active exhaust delete plates. Sending DM.

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