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active exhaust?

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so i have an 18 HC Challenger M6 and was under the car the other day and noticed the exhaust valves. on my old Scat Pack i know that when i engaged "sport" the valves opened up and the exhaust got louder. my car always sounds the same the valves work and if so, how?

This is a real question--flame away if you must, but i seriously have never heard a difference
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They should work the same. My 2019 Scat worked like my Hellcat does. Lay underneath it and have someone put it in SPORT, you should hear the loudness easily.
there is no "sport" on my Hellcat.....
You should have Street Sport and Track modes to select from in SRT pages. Track mode is the mode where the flaps should be wide open at all times. You don't have to lay underneath the car, just take the car down your favorite road or highway where you can maintain 65 or 70 miles per hour, up a hill would be preferable slightly loading the engine then switch between sport mode and track mode there should be an audible difference. If there's not an audible difference then your exhaust valves are possibly not working. I've seen this before on my buddies 2018 HCWB. His were stuck half closed and it had an impact on the performance of the car at wide open throttle. It was fixed under warranty.
thanks...that makes total sense. ill try it this weekend
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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