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Adapter so one can add a transfer case to the back of a TR6060 manual transmission

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I tripped over yet more interesting stuff in my travels.

Now you can, if you modify the floor pan, I guess, add a transfer case to the back of a TR6060 manual transmission.

This means you can send power forward to some (miracle occurs here) front axle assembly that would drive the front wheels. You have to provide your own transfer case. Any vehicles other than the mid-seventies Dodge 4X4 truck have a transfer case with a differential?

But, anyway, this thing exists. I wonder if there is a more graceful solution that does not involve such a long piece. I wonder if this would tuck a transfer case neatly under the rear seats. I don't know. I'm just a messenger, in this case. The transfer case shown is not very high-profile.
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