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Add complete Protective Coating?

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I live in the south west and sand, rocks just fly on around on the highway and really damage a car over time, my commuter car has paint chips all over the hood, windshield and headlight are also all pitted. Not to mention the UV damage, I want to protect my hellcat as it will be an amazing collectors item and It would kill me to have this type of damage. Also not having to wax all the time seems nice. So, what are everyones thoughts? has anyone ever done this? What cost to do the entire car? Is it worth it? for me I think it would be. Just for clarification I am talking about the 3M protective coating or similar.

Thanks for the input.

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So reached out to three installers here one, told me it was going to be expensive, and the other more local guy told me that it would be $7,500. Really bothers me sometimes that services like this think that they can make more money than the dealer will on the mark of the hellcat I want to buy (by 3-4x) more just to put vinyl sheets on my car. I am tempted to try myself. Really just wanted to pay<$1k to do this. Such a scam.
Yeah man that price is scamish for sure, I could see that price for brand new 200K plus exotics but for a freaking Dodge? Think I'll do only the front fascia to protect from bug juice and rock chips on my paint, that's what I hate about the summer the bug splatter, was very cautious driving on the hwy this summer trying to avoid road debris especially bugs.
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