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Adding skinnies/removing seats- Drag racing

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Simply curious, when adding front skinnies and removing passenger/rear seats, how many tenths do those two modifications alone shave off at the track in general?

Do you feel a noticeable difference at the track when adding skinnies and removing passenger/rear seats or not really?
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My friend picked up 4 tenths in his Scat Pack. If you go over to the ChallengerForumZ you can find his posts.

4 tenths alone in just simply adding skinnies and removing passenger and rear seats? If so that's impressive...
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Nice, thanks for sharing, as you mentioned others experiences may vary. So it seems like in your experience the skinnies at best maybe a tenth alone if not just slightly under.

When you removed the rear seats it was 2 tenths alone or in combination of the skinnies as well?

Correct me if I'm wrong but when you added skinnies plus the removal of rear seats was at best a total of 3 tenths shaved off if not atleast 2 tenths?
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