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Adding skinnies/removing seats- Drag racing

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Simply curious, when adding front skinnies and removing passenger/rear seats, how many tenths do those two modifications alone shave off at the track in general?

Do you feel a noticeable difference at the track when adding skinnies and removing passenger/rear seats or not really?
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You can’t just say ‘skinnys’…

Lite wheels ($1000+) are worth more than my heavy ass Chinese wheels ($100)

3880 mt et R front was made for our heavy cars but is no longer available. Which tire are you talking about? I have heard people say their car slowed down running the m&h tire I run. Slowed down swapping out 20” 275 for them. Which tire n which wheel?

The seats are what they are. Take em out n weigh em and search for formula and see how little it’s worth. It’s math
Depends how much the car weighs to begin with and how much power it makes
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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