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Adding skinnies/removing seats- Drag racing

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Simply curious, when adding front skinnies and removing passenger/rear seats, how many tenths do those two modifications alone shave off at the track in general?

Do you feel a noticeable difference at the track when adding skinnies and removing passenger/rear seats or not really?
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The skinnies will get you a just under a tenth gain. As far as removing seats I only have done the rear for a 40+/- lbs saving.
So the 2 together maybe a little over a tenth.
Now this is my experience with my car and you will get many say otherwise.
I have run with stock and skinnies on the same day quite a few times. And on average say 3 passes to 3 passes the gains are a bit less than a tenth every time.
The passenger seat I don't remove as that disables air bags.
The rear seat removed at the track was about .02 on average the three times I did that.
Still any gain is a bonus, a 10.5x sounds better than a 10.6x .馃槈
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No not 2 tenths for the 40lbs. More like an average of 2 hundredths. So a tenth or a little better for both.
A bunch of small things do add up though.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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