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AFe Stage-2 Charger Hellcat Intake

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Hope everyone is doing well.

I installed the AFe Stage-2 Intake on my Hellcat and I am just worried about a few things.

Firstly, the reason I chose AFe was it was cheaper and I was going after the increased whine. I know there is a lot of history here regarding the AFe but it was readily available here and it came with a heat shield. I installed the rain shield + pre-filter.

When I am driving under throttle and WOT the air fuel ratio is between 13-14.5, however when I lift off the throttle and the car coasts it shows 18. I think it is due to the throttle body being closed and a lot of air is in the tube where the MAF sensor is. Will this harm my O2 sensors as it might dump more fuel? What do you guys think?

The second thing is that the IAT with sitting still in traffic for like 20mins went up to 81C with the engine coolant at 100C, engine oil at 111C and IC at 55C. The outside temp is 23C. The stock box with similar outside temp saw 75C. Will it harm the engine in any way or will I get any CEL light? What temp will there be a CEL?

Looking forward to opinions, hopefully I didn't make a horrible choice.

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When you let off having a spike in afr is normal.

Any idea about the IATs?

Your temps are normal too in stop and go traffic. I had to do the conversion but 212F coolant temp at stops is normal with the OEM thermostat. As far as the CEL, mine overheated at 250 miles due to a stuck thermostat. If I recall right the warning light came on at 240 or 250F. I could be wrong though. I made a thread about it maybe I mentioned it in there.
Could you post the link to the thread.

Intake on a hellcat won’t affect any major changes on a hellcat. 15-16 had a maf but it’s not used for fueling.
Good to know.

With all cold air intakes that are on the market are sucking hot air under the hood .
What many are thinking that the opening above where filter is positioned is grabbing cold air ..... They are very wrong.
The way this opening on the hood are designed is to draw air out under the hood.
So you are actually loosing power and your engine is sucking hot air.
You are lowering your air density .
If the noise is something you are after go for.... Otherwise Stay with the Stock CAI it is made good straight from factory.
If someone come with enclosed CAI that will have front grille integration to draw fresh air in the front of the grille and build postive pressure when speed increase that will be well worth spend money to have better than stock.
I put my OEM intake back on to see the IATs and it is similar to AFe or even hotter. Still seeing 80C IAT with 41C atmospheric temp. SC coolant is at 60C.

It's just our weather is too hot, doesn't make much difference.

1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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