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AFe Stage-2 Charger Hellcat Intake

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Hope everyone is doing well.

I installed the AFe Stage-2 Intake on my Hellcat and I am just worried about a few things.

Firstly, the reason I chose AFe was it was cheaper and I was going after the increased whine. I know there is a lot of history here regarding the AFe but it was readily available here and it came with a heat shield. I installed the rain shield + pre-filter.

When I am driving under throttle and WOT the air fuel ratio is between 13-14.5, however when I lift off the throttle and the car coasts it shows 18. I think it is due to the throttle body being closed and a lot of air is in the tube where the MAF sensor is. Will this harm my O2 sensors as it might dump more fuel? What do you guys think?

The second thing is that the IAT with sitting still in traffic for like 20mins went up to 81C with the engine coolant at 100C, engine oil at 111C and IC at 55C. The outside temp is 23C. The stock box with similar outside temp saw 75C. Will it harm the engine in any way or will I get any CEL light? What temp will there be a CEL?

Looking forward to opinions, hopefully I didn't make a horrible choice.

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With all cold air intakes that are on the market are sucking hot air under the hood .
What many are thinking that the opening above where filter is positioned is grabbing cold air ..... They are very wrong.
The way this opening on the hood are designed is to draw air out under the hood.
So you are actually loosing power and your engine is sucking hot air.
You are lowering your air density .
If the noise is something you are after go for.... Otherwise Stay with the Stock CAI it is made good straight from factory.
If someone come with enclosed CAI that will have front grille integration to draw fresh air in the front of the grille and build postive pressure when speed increase that will be well worth spend money to have better than stock.
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And what you mentioned for your IAT temperature is exactly proof that Heat shield on this CAI is doing nothing (bad Design)
Like all other CAI sold so far on the market.
I have done data logging with two temperature sensors ( my tool's are different made for professional telematics logging)
I'm sure handy skilled could improvise and get close to what expensive tool will do.
I have personally bought two most recommended CAI and none of them outperform factory Air box.
Now many of you will say in stop and go traffic will do the same if you have conducted temperature reading.
Well depending how you looking at.
In stop and go traffic your Supercharger aluminum body will start absorbing heat and this will not tell you how well factory air box vs CAI brand X is really doing.
To do this right.
I did steady 45 MPH data logging and
70 MPH data logging.
Taking in to account outside weather and wind direction.
Why wind direction?
If you look at the hood side opening and how are they designed you will notice that they make suction effect to draw air from under the hood.
And this is causing hot Air coming to the CAI.
This test is about air temperature not CFM.
I'm sure Venturi style design with very ligh synthetic air filter media will outperform any standard Air box.
Increased temperature will take your power.
With all this Youtube advertising and increase in Hp vs factory Air box nobody is asking questions.
How open style CAI work with the hood closed where is exposed to the heat from Engine and Radiators up front.
I have not find one company that make CAI for HC that have conducted data logging with the hood closed vs factory Air box.
Then make true street conditions with the hood closed on the dyno.
My experiment was done on Charger HC
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