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Hope the mods are ok with this. Since ordering my Hellcat Monday,I have being looking at every post on rims and tires to see what every one is doing.Coming from a ZL1 that had 20 x11 inch back rims I felt I need a little bigger rim.I found a mfg that might be interested in making the rims for us.Since I don't have my car in hand what size front and rear rims sould I ask him to check into ? 20x9.5 F and 20x10.5 R or 20x10 F and 20x11.I don't work for or am I affliated with any rim company,I just want bigger rims for my car at a good price and think I might have found us the right guy.Let me know what rim size u think we sould go with .
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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