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hi guys!

Do you by any chance know any good locations of airport drag racing? would be cool to run my hellcat there at the top possible speed. I know there some locations in Texas, when they allow you to race, and literally drive your car as fast as you want, not necessary competing with somebody, but just to push it up to the max speed. I'm living in NJ, and as far as I know there are no such places in our sate unfortunately, but if you can advise something nearby, that would be great! thanks!

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Two lookouts, a hired ambulance, a crew, and flatbed, and any bare, empty road you want, that preferably joins right to the driveway of a hospital. Cage, helmet, and Nomex suit also recommended, along with fire suppression and run-flat tires. Also, a pair of drag 'chutes that in addition to manual, also automatically deploy at a certain yaw angle gain, or arm position indicating something's wrong.

Also suggested; Sweep the route with a truck at warp factor super slow and a supermagnet/tray complex skimming the ground.

If you don't like bugs, then a sunny day in the non-bug-woohoo season.

And one last thing: tires that are known for longevity at OVER 200mph. Nothing rated W or Y. Only (Y) or greater. You may have to go with NASCAR tires for ultimate security, as they handle massive compressive loads from the banking with the 3800 pound ""Stock"" Cars.
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