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AlfaOBD help

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I am asking for anyone with a hellcat and who uses AlfaOBD to please either post a BCM read (preferably) or screenshot from your BCM read of the chassis type of your vehicle. Please include the model year, model type (Challenger/Charger), and transmission (manual/automatic). If you post the BCM read make sure to block out your VIN#.

I'm trying to test a theory and find a solution on a couple things. Particularly, I have a 2016 A8 Challenger Hellcat and I upgraded to a 2019 Uconnect radio so I could get Android Auto / Carplay plus the newer performance pages and faster processor of the newer radios. I'm very happy about the upgrade and everything works options wise except launch control is defaulted to 1,000rpm and the rpm cannot be adjusted. This is pretty much the case with everyone I know that have a 2015-2016 vehicle and upgraded to the newer Uconnect 4c radios. I have done a fair amount of research and suspect this can be fixed via a command using AlfaOBD. I appreciate anyone that can help.
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Launch control is useless in these vehicles anyways
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