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My front’s were at almost 3° and the rears were just under 1° camber stock

Handled great and the tires wore even

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What would be a good alignment setup for daily driving and occasional fun on the street or a old twisty back road??
Attached are the Factory Align Specs for SRTs. Am curious if you have ever had your car aligned.

Suggest going with Factory...

.1 (point 1) Degree Toe In each wheel EXACTLY (No + or -). This will give you the .2 Total Toe per axle and 0.0 Rear Thrust Angle so the car is pushed straight down the road while centering your steering wheel. A good alignment tech who takes his time can achieve these numbers.

Most likely the Alignment Machine will be a Hunter; do not let the tech just do an "In The Green" Alignment. This in not good for our HCs. Align using the exact .1 Degree Toe In number with zero + or -.

Would also be interesting to see pics of all 4 of your current tires, full tread outside to inside.

Post your printout if you do get an alignment.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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