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All Black Charger Hellcat

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Thanks TSpoon!
Thanks Tammie, haha that jackass copied your style - show him up with a Hellcat soon enough! :p
You know it! The worst part is that he is more of the snooty Mercedes types. When I was in for service and told him there should be some sort of test and approval process to be sure people were worthy of the HEMI. I also threatened to never buy another car from him if he sold the dude a Hellcat. I found out he was already in asking about them and he was told they weren't getting any. If you can imagine, they told me my personality definitely fit a Hellcat!! My dealer knows where his bread is buttered! :oops: That is not meant the way it sounds....
lmfao Tammie your story made me laugh. You must be really hatin' the snooty mercedes guy's guts for you to be banning him from buying a Hellcat just so he can copy you LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
if you wait long enough he will see your new HC and then he will go buy one a month later to copy your color? LOLLL
That is soooooo NOT funny! I don't hate, it is just a small office (14 peeps and we are both high level execs and it seemed really petty for him to do that) I actually told him I was getting a Prius to help reduce my carbon footprint LOL. I really hope he gets one of those then I can rattle his doors off when I fly by.:D
Hahahaha somehow I doubt he will be caught dead in a Prius :rolleyes: I can't wait to see his face when you roll up in a HC then brush yo shoulders off as you pass him in the lot :cool:
We are talking about someone that traded their 2010 Red Volkswagen bug convertible (total chic car, not that I would be caught dead in the backseat) for their Charger...need I say more.;)
Tammie you got a point there, no need to say more lol:eek:
I'm new here. Thought the Charger Hellcats weren't available yet?
Yeah thought so too, they probably took an advanced deposit
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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