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All Black Charger Hellcat

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Not bad huh?
That is pretty sweet. I have a black R/T now but, this jackass at my office went and bought one just like mine and that is why I am going with the Challenger in red. I would have totally went for this car but needed to mix it up. This just looks mean!:mad:
Thanks TSpoon!
Thanks Tammie, haha that jackass copied your style - show him up with a Hellcat soon enough! :p
You know it! The worst part is that he is more of the snooty Mercedes types. When I was in for service and told him there should be some sort of test and approval process to be sure people were worthy of the HEMI. I also threatened to never buy another car from him if he sold the dude a Hellcat. I found out he was already in asking about them and he was told they weren't getting any. If you can imagine, they told me my personality definitely fit a Hellcat!! My dealer knows where his bread is buttered! :oops: That is not meant the way it sounds....
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lmfao Tammie your story made me laugh. You must be really hatin' the snooty mercedes guy's guts for you to be banning him from buying a Hellcat just so he can copy you LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
if you wait long enough he will see your new HC and then he will go buy one a month later to copy your color? LOLLL
That is soooooo NOT funny! I don't hate, it is just a small office (14 peeps and we are both high level execs and it seemed really petty for him to do that) I actually told him I was getting a Prius to help reduce my carbon footprint LOL. I really hope he gets one of those then I can rattle his doors off when I fly by.:D
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Hahahaha somehow I doubt he will be caught dead in a Prius :rolleyes: I can't wait to see his face when you roll up in a HC then brush yo shoulders off as you pass him in the lot :cool:
We are talking about someone that traded their 2010 Red Volkswagen bug convertible (total chic car, not that I would be caught dead in the backseat) for their Charger...need I say more.;)
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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