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Not trying to be redundant here... just want to make sure as many as possible are made aware of what (His Highness), RS, said about allocations moving forward. - Thanks again RS!

Here's the scoop, the true scoop, and nothing but the scoop:

February Hellcat allocations

"Zero" allocations is false, but allocations are being severely limited this month...

The following dealers will NOT receive a Hellcat allocation this month: (Note: "Hellcat" = Challenger or Charger)

1. Dealers who have a non-sold Hellcat in stock
2. Dealers who have a non-sold Hellcat in any status from C to KZ
3. Dealers who had a non-sold Hellcat in stock for more than 5 days in January

Dealers who can say NO to all of the above are eligible to receive ONE allocation per month of either a Challenger or Charger Hellcat

The following criteria will be used to assign allocations:

1. Dealers ranked by total Dodge sales (past 90 days)
2. Dealers with sold orders will be prioritized above dealers with only stock orders
3. Available SRT Hellcat production for the period to be awarded, one-per-dealer, in priority order
4. Sold orders will be validated prior to scheduling

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