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Do dealers know if they have an allocation for a HC? before the HC actually gets made? So I am the only person to order a HC from my dealer. Will the dealer know they have an allocation for one or find out once the VIN is issued for mine? I am guessing once my VIN is issued the dealer gets 1 allocation if they haven't already? Hope that makes sense?
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My understanding is an allocation is given if the dealer has an order in the system with a customer name on it...called a VON. There are requirement listed on this forum on how the dealers meet these requirements. Then comes the valued allocation Then comes scheduling, then the VIN. vin means there car will be built....this is a big step. You could still be waiting 3-4 months after you get a VIN. My advice...go to your local dealer, bypass the lot sales people and get to mgt in the back, such as the Fleet mgr, Gen Sales mrg or ownership. It worked for me You are where I was several weeks ago. It is confusing but now I know the process better. Got my VON yesterday, but my guy is now waiting for allocation. I expected delivery in July...maybe. PM me...I would be glad to help out. Hang in there. Your head will feel like it is ready to explode!!
Unless of course your in Canada :)where it does not follow the same allocation system as the United states :eek: just to throw some more confusion into the mix!!
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