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Do dealers know if they have an allocation for a HC? before the HC actually gets made? So I am the only person to order a HC from my dealer. Will the dealer know they have an allocation for one or find out once the VIN is issued for mine? I am guessing once my VIN is issued the dealer gets 1 allocation if they haven't already? Hope that makes sense?
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Well, I talked to my Dealer and they assured me they have allocation for 1 Challenger and 1 Charger HC. I trust them and they asked for no money down and when I originally placed the order I asked how much out the door is this gonna cost me and their response was "MSRP". These guys are awesome I even trust them to work on my current Charger. I don't know why I freaked out these guys have been nothing but honest and up front with me since day one.
They might not have an allocation then and there, but get one and maybe only one in the coming weeks. The owner of the dealership where I have my VON said he will get one in 30-60 days.I believe him (Oh Oh my god what have I My dealer is local and I just walk on back to the fleet mgrs office. Everyone there knows me and refers to me as the Hellcat guy.
Man, I hope you're right brother...or your dealer is?
Sounds like you are doing well. If there is no one in front of you on a list and your dealer has an open MSRP with 0 money down....jump on this quick!!!!! Get your VON, dealer applies allocation to your VON, then it should go into a build schedule and then VIN. You will be half way there. Now lets hope any options your chose, were not on restriction/short supply. Your dealer can tell you if any are. They get this info from FCA almost daily.Good Job!!
THANKS! Very Excited. Yeah the more I read on this website the more i realize just how blessed I am to have the relationship I have with my Dealer. I already have my VON, now just waiting for the VIN. There is no one in front of me. My neighbor has the allocation for the Challenger (B5 Blue). What is up with the restrictions you speak of? FCA?
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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