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Do dealers know if they have an allocation for a HC? before the HC actually gets made? So I am the only person to order a HC from my dealer. Will the dealer know they have an allocation for one or find out once the VIN is issued for mine? I am guessing once my VIN is issued the dealer gets 1 allocation if they haven't already? Hope that makes sense?
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My dealer told me he had an allocation and would order me a car. He had already known that he could place and order. He told me that the allocations were earned based on sales performance and numbers in set time periods.

I can not believe there are dealers out there that would lie to a customer by taking an order and hope things would change with their ability to earn an allocation. Do they think the manufacturer will feel sorry for them and let them have it. It was very clearly outlined. These are very special cars and the manufacturer wants to reward the successful dealers with the ability to offer these cars.

If I was looking to start the process over, I would ask the dealer ( management or owner) if they had an allocation or not. Its yes or no and they know for certain if they have earned one or not. It is really not rocket science as to why most people hate to purchase cars.
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They might not have an allocation then and there, but get one and maybe only one in the coming weeks. The owner of the dealership where I have my VON said he will get one in 30-60 days.I believe him (Oh Oh my god what have I My dealer is local and I just walk on back to the fleet mgrs office. Everyone there knows me and refers to me as the Hellcat guy.
Thats great but at the time he does NOT have one. he should say sorry I do not have one I will call you if I ever get one. this is the problem I call it false hope. thank god my dealer is up front with me.
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