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Allocations vs VONs

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It's looking more and more like dealers (all of them?) aren't getting allocations for March. That's now 2 months in a row that dealers aren't getting allocations. With Chrysler not currently accepting new orders, it does give them more opportunity to catch up with the huge VON list.

Can someone help me understand something...

If dealerships aren't getting allocations, how are the orders that were created through them going to be fulfilled? You don't need an allocation system to create new VONs (and we now know the system that creates VONs is turned off). You do need an allocation system to prioritize orders and push them to get a VIN and get scheduled.

I don't get how dealers aren't getting allocations but Chrysler plans to address the backlog of VONs. Is it just SOME dealers not getting allocations?

What am I missing here?
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Dealers are getting allocations. Just yesterday someone posted that their dealer just called and said they got a VIN and last week we had about half a dozen members report their VON turned to a VIN
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So the dealers that are getting allocations are simply the ones that are getting their sold orders chosen...
yes, seems that way. Dealer does have to meet the criteria we've all seen 100 times (ie no dealer stock cars in any status). Once they meet that criteria then they are eligible to receive one of the ~500 allocations given out throughout the country. To get one of those allocations, they have to have sold enough cars to put them in the top ~500 of eligible dealers.

*****PLEASE NOTE***** My ~500 allocation number is not based on anything, just a total guess as to how many allocations they give out in a given month based on nothing other than my gut and the fact that I like nice even round numbers.
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