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Ambulance almost crashed, because of my Hellcat!

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I was driving my phantom black 'cat yesterday, and was in a row of cars sitting at a red light, mindin' my own business. As I've mentioned before, my Hellcat really blends in, it seems, as I hardly get any attention. There are a lot of Challengers in my area, and since mine is black and has no stripes or satin hood nor any add-on badges and what-not, I guess it's a real sleeper. From the reactions of other motorists, you'd think I'm driving a Honda Accord! Well, it appears SOME folks do recognize it. While I was at the light, an ambulance was coming from the opposite direction, it didn't have the siren or lights flashing, but right when it was about to pass me going the opposite way, it almost locked up it's tires. Actually skidded slightly, coming to a complete stop, in the middle of a busy road (University, for you valley residents!) and he wasn't in the turn lane or shoulder, so stopping where he did was highly illegal and dangerous. So, everybody going in my direction is looking around, trying to figure out what's going on, then, the ambulance window comes down, and the EMT guys in the front are all gawking and giving me thumbs-up and have wide-eyes, so I rolled down and waved at them, one yelled 'awesome car', before they tore off just as cars were backing up behind them. So, that was my brief brush with 'fame'!
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So you don't like the attention with your stealthy machine?
It doesn't bother me, but I actually like that it's 'stealthy'. When I want to be gawked at, I can take out my chromed-out T-Bucket, which seems to always be the center of attention wherever I go in it. When I drive the Hellcat, I kinda like that it's a sleeper, and hardly gets noticed. Of course, when I stomp on the gas pedal, that telltale roar is sure to bring attention, but when I drive sedately, it does tend to blend in with the rest of the traffic, which is fine with me. I actually don't drive the T-Bucket much, as often all the attention and horns honking and people pacing along next to me tends to make me feel awkward and self-conscious. Guess I'm weird, like that.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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