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I have the front and rear flares, the front and rear flare extensions, and the entire front left + right fenders. Anderson composites mold their products exactly like the car manufacturers do, so they’re the same shape size and fitment as oem. Now for this ^ $4500.

If you’re trying to completely convert to a widebody, I have EVERYTHING below.

6EY79TZZAC - Left Flare Extension - AC
6EY78TZZAC - Right Flare Extension - AC
68315879AB - Front Splitter / Air Dam
68319251AA - Reinforcement
68319257AA - Left Closeout Cover
68319256AA - Right Closeout Cover
6EY83TZZAG - Left Front Wheel Flare - AC
6EY82TZZAF - Right Front Wheel Flare - AC
6EY91TZZAG - Left Rear Wheel Flare -AC
6EY90TZZAG - Right Rear Wheel Flare -AC
6EY87TZZAD - Rear Flare Extension -AC
6EY86TZZAB - Rear Flare Extension -AC
68319960AE - Inner Splash Shields ALL 4 front and rear

**AC=Anderson Composites
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