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(another) Crank Bolt Question

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Lord knows how many times this has been discussed, so I'll be brief as I was hoping for clarification

I've got an '18 HC and I'm going to pin the crank. There was talk about upgrading the bolt to the one used on the Demon however I read that at a certain model year they started using the Demon bolt on all HCs?

I'm using the Bwoody kit which comes with (I assume) the stock HC bolt however I also purchased the Demon bolt. Does it matter which I use?

Thanks in advance
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Looks like the bolt that comes with the kit is just for use with the pinning fixture.

If you want to replace the crank pulley bolt my advice would be to visit a local dealer parts department and get a replacement bolt that has the latest part number. From what I gather the bolt will (probably) be the same bolt used on the Demon.

Ask if the parts department can supply you with the torque tightening value and if the bolt is a stretch bolt how much extra rotation after the torque setting is reached should be applied.

Otherwise, the torque/extra rotation of the bolt that is discussed in the thread at the link you posted is all you have to go one. For something as critical as the crank pulley bolt I'd want something a bit more "official", straight from Dodge.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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